Policy Services Terms and Conditions

These terms and conditions govern any online transaction (including, for example, member enrolment and renewal, endorsements, and corrections) executed by you on the National Health Insurance Company Daman PJSC's ("Daman") online portal for the Thiqa Programme (the "Transaction").

In connection with the Transaction, you hereby acknowledge and confirm that:

  • The Transaction is in accordance with Abu Dhabi Executive Council Resolution No. 83/2007 concerning the implementation of health insurance for UAE Nationals and those of similar status.
  • There is no duality of services with regards to the terms of coverage, benefits and services with any other insurance plan.
  • All of the documents and information uploaded or entered by me in connection with the Transaction are true, accurate and current and I undertake to proactively submit to Daman any updated or corrected documents or information which may no longer remain true, accurate or current.
  • Any non-disclosure or misrepresentation of any material information or facts in connection with the Transaction may result in invalidation or cancellation of the Transaction or escalation to the competent authorities in accordance with UAE.