Frequently asked questions

I am a Thiqa member, do I still get a physical card?
We have stopped printing cards since November 2017. The Emirates ID card will become the only document that qualifies members to access healthcare services at providers under Thiqa’s network. Thiqa members can also use the Thiqa mobile App to access services at providers.

Will I have access to all health services using the Emirates ID?
Yes, all of Thiqa members will be able to use their Emirates ID and the Thiqa app at medical facilities under Thiqa network. Thiqa app will give you access to features on the move such as your policy number, health plan, schedule of benefits and nearest providers.

How will the health provider check my eligibility?
When you visit health providers in your network you have an option of providing your digital card number in the app or your Emirates ID as Daman has trained the health services providers on using a secure online platform where they can match the Emirates ID number with the member’s health insurance file that is available in Daman data base.

My Emirates ID number is not on the system. How can I add it?
You can do so by downloading Thiqa app where you can have access to your policy number, health plan, schedule of benefits and access to providers. Or by going to and clicking on the ‘Submit Emirates ID details’ tab on the right-hand side or alternatively email us your Emirates ID card copy and policy details on

Are the insurance and Emirates ID expiry dates linked?
No they are not linked. Each must be renewed separately.

If the Emirates ID expires, will this interrupt my insurance coverage?
No it will not. We use your Emirates ID number to check if you have valid health insurance coverage. Healthcare providers however may reject admission if your Emirates ID card is expired.

Can I use my Emirates ID if I travel out of the UAE?
It is recommended that you download & register to the Thiqa mobile app. The Thiqa app provides you your health insurance details, including your Thiqa card number and Assist America call centre number where they can get in touch with Assist America using the app. Thiqa members who have international emergency assistance services need to call Assist America number +1-609-275-4999 (outside USA) +1-877-488-9857 (inside USA) and provide Emirates ID number. Assist America has been trained to use Damans online eligibility tool to pass eligibility and assist you as per the standard operating procedures. During the call; Thiqa members can provide there insurance details available in the app.

Will using the Emirates ID be possible for all UAE providers or is it only for Abu Dhabi providers?
The service is available for use in any provider across UAE in the Thiqa Network as per your plan. You can also use the Thiqa app to check and/ or search for an in-network healthcare provider near you.

My wife is non-UAE National and have received a physical card; why haven’t I received one?
Non-UAE Nationals who are Thiqa members will continue to receive cards as the health insurance coverage is linked to other Government services such as residency visas. We are working with the relevant authorities on this matter as part of the gradual phase-out of cards.

Will my maid still receive a physical card? As she is a Daman basic holder not Thiqa.
We will gradually stop printing card by the beginning of 2018.

My Emirates ID card is undergoing renewal at the moment; what is the procedure during that time?
Daman processes allows you to just present a copy of your Emirates ID card or show your Thiqa digital card (through the Thiqa App) to the provider to avail medical services. But the network provider may insist for a valid Emirates ID card before accepting a patient.

I have a new born baby but we are still applying for the Emirates ID; can we still avail the health services?
Daman will continue printing cards for its members who have not yet received their Emirates ID cards.

I have lost my Emirates ID, how can I avail my treatments until I apply and receive my replacement?
We recommend that you download the Thiqa app as it has all of your insurance details. If you or the healthcare provider have the Emirates ID card’s copy or its number, they can check our system if you are eligible for coverage using the number. However, healthcare providers may need to see another form of valid identification document, so it is advisable that your carry your passport or UAE driving license.

Do I still need to approach Thiqa branch to submit the eligibility documents for renewal as a non-UAE national?
The member enrolment and renewal process did not change, as of now. Non-National members still need to visit the branch in the current process as they used to do previously.

How can I get the policy number to register for an online account either on the website or the mobile application?
Upon enrolment or renewal; Member will receive an SMS with the policy number. Use you Emirates ID to register in Thiqa mobile app and you can also use the same registration details on the website.