General exclusions

Unless otherwise specified in the schedule of benefits, the following treatments including medical conditions, items, supplies, procedures and all their related or consequential expenses are excluded from this Policy:

  1. Health services not prescribed by a physician.
  2. Domiciliary care; private duty nursing; rest cures. (Custodial care means (1) non-health related services, such as assistance in activities of daily living, or (2) services which do not require continued administration by trained medical personnel, unless medically prescribed.)
  3. Personal comfort and convenience items or services such as barber or beauty services, guest services and similar incidental services and supplies.
  4. Health services and associated expenses for cosmetic procedures. Elective plastic surgeries that are not medically prescribed as a treatment.
  5. Health services and associated expenses for the surgical treatment and non-surgical medical treatment of obesity (unless medically prescribed)
  6. Health services and associated expenses for experimental, investigational or unproven services, treatments, devices and pharmacological regimens, except if proven as the only available treatment for a particular condition and authorised by HAAD.
  7. Any health services and associated expenses for alopecia, baldness, hair falling, dandruff, wigs, or toupees.
  8. Smoking cessation and related procedures and treatments unless in programmes approved by HAAD.
  9. Non-medically necessary amniocentesis. Health services and associated expenses for non-medically necessary sex transformation operations, voluntary sterilisation and for reversal of sterilisations and sexual dysfunction.
  10. Outpatient non-prescribed medical supplies including elastic stockings, ace bandages, gauze, syringes, and like products; Non-prescription drugs and treatments. Bandages, gauze etc. are covered as a part of emergency treatment given at any appointed Daman network provider.
  11. All preventive cares, other than HAAD medical protocol including any physical, psychological examinations or testing during these examinations (unless otherwise specified in the schedule of benefits)
  12. Acupressure, osteopathy, herbal medicine, ozone therapy, homeopathy, hypnotism, Rolfing; aromatherapy; spa treatments, Ayurvedic treatments, relaxing massages and other forms of alternative treatment unless medically prescribed.
  13. Nasal septum deviation; nasal concha resection as a cosmetic procedure, unless medically necessary or post-traumatic.
  14. Any test and/or treatment not required by a medical physician, unless otherwise specified in the schedule of benefits.
  15. Any in-hospital treatment, tests and other procedures, which can be carried out on an out-of-hospital basis without jeopardising the insured’s health.
  16. Any test or treatment, which is not related to a specific symptom and/or disease unless approved by HAAD unless otherwise specified in the schedule of benefits.
  17. Any pharmaceutical products not considered specific treatments for a particular disease and/or not prescribed by an approved physician
  18. All substances which are not considered medicines such as, but not restricted to, mouthwash, toothpaste, lozenges, antiseptics, children’s milk formulas, skin care products, shampoos and vitamins (unless prescribed by doctor for a specific disease) and all equipment not primarily intended to improve a medical condition or injury such as, but not restricted to, air conditioners or air purifying systems, arch supports, convenience items/options, exercise equipment and sanitary supplies.
  19. All expenses related to optical apparatus aids (e.g. spectacles, lenses)
  20. Refractory surgery is excluded unless it is medically prescribed.
  21. All kinds of educational programmes and/or learning disability treatments unless otherwise specified as a medical treatment.
  22. Behavioural problems normally associated with children not categorised as psychiatric conditions.
  23. Any transportation costs in case of a treatment abroad for non-emergency cases unless covered under assistance benefit as per the schedule of benefits.
  24. Expenses for the acquisition of an organ.